What is NFF?

The purpose of the Nordic Academy of Management (Nordiska Företagsekonomiska Föreningen / NFF) is to advance research, education and practice in the field of business administration in the Nordic countries i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordic Academy of Management will implement this purpose by: Fostering the development of competence in research and education in the field of business administration in the Nordic countries. Fostering Nordic co-operation in research education and facilitating the exchange of academic researchers, lecturers and students between the Nordic countries. Facilitating visits of international researchers in the Nordic countries. Facilitating the spreading of results of Nordic business administration research internationally and fostering research in the special characteristics of Nordic business management, thus offering a theoretical basis for practice. Facilitating the arranging of Nordic and international conferences in the field of business administration. Representing the members of the association in relevant international organizations.

Central to NFF’s mission is to stimulate research in business studies and the exchange of ideas across the Nordic countries. The aim of the NFF Doctoral Initiative is to enable doctoral students and faculty members to come together in pan-Nordic doctoral courses and workshops organized by NFF member institutions. For this purpose NFF offers financial support to two NFF member institutions wishing to offer a subject-based or methodology course

Statutes of NFF