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Consumer Culture Theory: Foundations, Frontiers and Application

at Stockholm Business School Spring 2022 – online course

The aim of the course is to introduce early-stage doctoral candidates in marketing and business studies to the field of Consumer Culture Theory (CCT). Over the last couple of decades CCT
has established itself as one of the core areas within Consumer Research and Marketing, not only publishing within marketing but also within organization studies, critical management
studies, sociology, and political philosophy.

For for information please contact the course director  Andrea Lucarelli


Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden in collaboration with Hanken School of Economics, Finland

Systems thinking has a long history within the marketing discipline, although it represents a “road less travelled” compared to the mainstream marketing management school of thought.
In recent years, an increased emphasis on the dynamic nature of the context within which firms and marketers work has generated a renewed interest in and perceived relevance of a systemic understanding of core marketing phenomena such as value cocreation, brands, markets. Systems thinking, arguably, also plays a key role in equipping marketing with the conceptual tools needed in the effort of tackling the wicked problems which societies across the globe are currently facing. This course offers an overview of how ideas from general systems theory as well as more specific streams of systems literature have been used to reframe and enrich the understanding of marketing and its phenomena.

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