NFF Doctoral Course Programme

NFF Doctoral Initiative

Central to NFF’s mission is to stimulate research in business studies and the exchange of ideas across the Nordic countries. The aim of the NFF Doctoral Initiative is to enable doctoral students and faculty members to come together in pan-Nordic doctoral courses and workshops organized by NFF member institutions. For this purpose NFF offers financial support to a maximum of one NFF member institutions wishing to offer a subject-based or methodology course in 2020.

The course format shall be that of an intensive course scheduled for up to five days. The host institution will be the examining body and must ensure that it complies with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Doctoral students from NFF institutional members take priority. NFF provides financial support to a maximum of 15 external students. Doctoral students from the host institution are not eligible for financial support within the NFF Doctoral Initiative.

The course faculty shall include three or more academics affiliated with NFF member universities in at least two NFF member countries

NFF aims to stimulate variation over time with respect to course topics, host institutions and course tutors.


The host institution is responsible for supplying course participants and external course faculty members’ accommodation and lunches for the duration of the course. It shall also cover the external faculty members’ travel expenses (NFF does not provide financial support towards external faculty members’ teaching remuneration). The course participants must themselves cover the costs for travel to the host institution.

The financial support offered within the NFF Doctoral Initiative is paid directly to the institution hosting the doctoral course. The host institution can claim

€500 per course day (maximum €2,500), plus

€175 per course day and doctoral student belonging to a member institution, plus

€1,000 per person for a maximum of two external faculty members employed at a Nordic university or business school.



A member institution wishing to offer a course in 2020 within the NFF Doctoral Initiative shall submit an application to the NFF secretariat no later than 1 October 2019 for the consideration of the NFF Board.

The application must include:

1)      Information about the duration and suggested timing of the course.

2)      A course syllabus stating;

  1. The name and credits (ECTS) of the course,
  2. The aim of the course,
  3. Learning objectives,
  4. Learning material,
  5. Statement of learning activities and teaching methods,
  6. Method(s) of examination.

3)      A signed letter from the Director of Graduate Studies (or equivalent) confirming the academic approval of the course.

4)      The names and titles of the head of course and the intended faculty members (NB: The course faculty must include three or more academics employed at a university or business school in a minimum of three of the NFF member countries.)

5)      A brief outline of how the applicant plans to market the course and the target number of students on the course.



Applicants will be notified of the NFF Board’s decision no later than 30 November 2019.