Stockholm, 18th-20th August 2019

The Ratio Institute hereby invites young scholars in economics, business administration, political science, sociology and economic history to submit paper proposals for a cross disciplinary symposium in Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of this colloquium is to bring together researchers in different fields working on the subject of institutional change and renewal in mature economies.

Developed countries are presently facing many structural challenges. High unemployment rates, sluggish economic growth, limited productivity improvements and demographic changes impose needs for political reform agendas and institutional change. Faced with growing competition from other countries, the need for mature economies to adapt and evolve is even more pressing.

Macro trends such as digitalization (Henfridsson & Bygstad, 2013; Tilson et al., 2010), platform economy (Kenney & Zysman, 2016), and transitions to sustainable production and consumption systems hold the potential to instill growth and renewal, while also transforming industries and factor markets in substantial ways. However, progress is often halted by both prevalent institutions as well as inhibiting factors and mechanisms of institutional change often generated by regulatory capture, i.e. that vested interest groups are able to block necessary change.

The symposium aims to address how institutional change and renewal can take place in a mature economy. We welcome empirical and theoretical contributions regarding the role of policy, sectoral studies and descriptions of firm level behavior.