BI Norwegian School of Management

BI Norwegian School of Management offers research-based, life-long learning in close interaction with students, alumni and the public and private sector. Society is changing rapidly and the people living in it have a constant need to update and revise knowledge and skills.

In order to be able to meet the challenges of the future, BI Norwegian School of Management offers different learning environments and educational programmes that reflect national and international developments. Human capital is one of society’s most important resources. Consequently, BI Norwegian School of Management strives to develop competence that can act as a catalyst for innovation and value creation in society. BI Norwegian School of Management wants to come across as an institution that stands for credibility, integrity and with faculty who have their feet firmly planted in business life and in academia.

BI is continuously developing firm ethical standards in order to prevent that BI will engage in research or teaching that would involve violation of human rights or labour laws, destruction of the environment or any other types of unethical behaviour. BI strives to create an inspiring research and working environment that promotes the well-being, health, learning and development of the individual employee. Keywords are “diversity”, “generosity” and “tolerance”.

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