Keynote speakers at the main conference NFF2019 Vaasa, Nordic Energies, August 22-24, 2019.


Thursday, 22 August 2019:

Professor Minna Halme, Professor of Sustainability Management, Director, Aalto Sustainability HubAalto University: “Tackling complex sustainability challenges by co-creating disruptive innovations”


Speakers profile:

Minna Halme’s research areas range from sustainability innovations, co-creation of sustainable business models, to societal impacts of CSR. Apart from participating in numerous European and Finnish research projects, she teaches Sustainability Management at Aalto’s Master programmes, in executive MBA courses in Finland and South Korea and in the CEMS MIM program. Professor Halme’s research has been published in several refereed journals, books, and reports. The Academy of Management has acknowledged her papers with All-Academy Best International Paper award, the ONE Unorthodox Paper award and three Best Paper awards, and she has been awarded by the Academy of Finland for the social impact of her research. She is honorary visiting professor at the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business, Lancaster University, UK.

Minna Halme, Professor of Sustainability Management, Aalto University School of Business

Aalto Sustainability Hub


Friday, 23 August 2019:

Professor Peter Skærbæk, Professor of Accounting, Department of Accounting and Auditing, Copenhagen Business School: “The performative role of economic theories in public sector reforms . The cases of Public sector outsourcing and restructuration of the Danish Tax Authorities”


Speakers profile:

Peter Skærbæk’s research centers around accounting issues related to understanding the design and implementation of accounting innovations in their social and institutional contexts, the role of accounting in organizational and strategic change processes, and that of experts like accountants, consultants, and auditors such change processes. His research also engages with performance auditing, in addition to risk management, and is currently involved in theorizing the role of accounting to outsourcing programs. He is particularly interested in the debate surrounding Michel Callon’s performativity thesis, and how change agents draw upon economics in creating new programs of action and what effects they produced. His research enquiries involve a variety of ethnographic methods and theories for understanding processes of establishing real life routines in terms of their actions and events, in great detail, that encompasses management and financial accounting, as well as auditing.

Peter Skærbæk, Professor of Accounting, Department of Accounting and Auditing, Copenhagen Business School


Saturday 11:00-12:00, 24 August 2019:

Associate Professor, Dr. Martin Wood, School of Business, University of Leicester, UK, former Professor at School of Management, RMIT University, Australia: “The creative energy of research in a film”


Speakers profile:

Martin Wood has held senior academic positions and leadership roles at universities in the UK and Australia, across research, teaching, and learning. His theoretical inspirations are influenced by process philosophy, and driven by general sociological questions that revolve around organisations and the people who work in them. His current foray into the art and craft of film making is aimed at generating critical research on industry and culture, with the objective of producing a broad range of impacts on audiences from within and outside the academy.

Martin Wood, Associate Professor, School of Business, University of Leicester