Deans Meetings

Since 2011, NFF organizes a Deans’ Meeting in connection with the biannual NFF conference. The meetings offer deans, rectors and other formal representatives of NFF member Schools a top-level forum for dialogue on current issues in the business school sector across all Nordic countries. Please see below for a list of Deans’ Meetings and discussion topics since 2011.

Vaasa 2019: The future of the Nordic business education: a student’s perspective”. Keynote speakers: student representatives, Bjarnveig Birta Bjarnadóttir (University of Iceland, Iceland), Hanna Nejstgaard (Gothenburg University, Sweden), Mikkel Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) Tiia Toivola (University of Vaasa, Finland), Michal Meyer Nilssen (Nord University Business School, Norway).

Bodö 2017: ” How Cardiff University is developing their business school”. Keynote speaker: Professor Rick Delbridge, Dean of Research, Innovation and Enterprise, Cardiff University.

Copenhagen 2015: “Accreditation – in general and from a CBS perspective”. Keynote speakers: Accreditation Managers, Mia Cudrio Thomsen and Christian Tangkjær, Copenhagen Business School.

Reykjavík 2013:  “Culture in Business Schools: How does the culture influence the ability to meet future challenges? Keynote speaker: Peter Lorange, former president of BI and president of Lorange Institute of Business in Zurich.

Stockholm 2011: “Leadership of a Business School/Department of Business – Future Challenges for Business Schools/Departments of Business. Keynote speaker: Finn Junge-Jensen, former president of CBS.