Uppsala University

PhD Programme in Business Studies

Do you want to continue working with the questions that you worked with in your master thesis? Do you like to get to the bottom of complex problems? Do you want to generate new knowledge to researchers and practitioners? Do you like to write? Do you want a real challenge?

Then the PhD programme in business studies might suit you.

What are the career prospects? The research at the Department focuses on international business, industrial marketing, accounting & finance, management & organisation and entrepreneurship. The aim of the PhD program is to provide excellent scholarly training. PhDs hold positions as researchers and academics in Sweden as well as abroad at various business schools. There are also opportunities to work outside academia. In recent years, graduates from the PhD program have been garnering positions within media, finance and consulting businesses.

What does the PhD program look like? Work toward a Doctorate is expected to take four years of full-time study, half of which consists of courses (90hp) and half of thesis work (150hp). Admitted students are provided with funding, either through scholarships or employment (doctoral studentship “doktorandtjänst”). Further, some funding is also given for travel and other expenses.

The student’s supervisor set up an individual study plan which outlines how the research will be conducted and which courses are appropriate. The individual study plans will be monitored and reviewed by the Faculty Board once a year. PhD students often participate in broader research projects.

Many PhD students spend time (2-4 months) at a foreign university. In past years, our students have visited leading institutions such as the London School of Economics, Columbia MIT and Harvard University, USA.

During the first semester (autumn) the students follow an introductory program (30hp), called SUBS, together with participants from the Stockholm School of Economics.

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