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The general goal of research is to gain knowledge so we may better understand the world we live in and if possible change it for the better. The purpose of PhD studies is to train doctoral students in the disciplinary and academic tradition, but above all to develop independent and critically minded researchers.

Entrance Requirements

Entrance requirements for admission to postgraduate studies (Master’s or Ph.D. programmes) vary between departments. The minimum requirements are as follows: – a Bachelor’s Degree (in some cases a Master’s Degree), or the equivalent, from a university recognised by the Ministry of Education for the country in which the degree has been awarded; a major in the subject of interest (equivalent to 90-120 ECTS, i.e. at least one and a half to two years of full-time study); – a very good command of English; for many subjects: a good command of Swedish (see below).

Some departments have additional requirements and might also demand that the thesis should relate to one of the research projects carried out at the department. – Advanced Courses at Undergraduate Level as a Condition for Admission; there is no exact equivalence between academic degrees from different countries.

Consequently, foreign students applying to the postgraduate level at Stockholm University often have to take courses at undergraduate level for one or sometimes two semesters in order to acquire eligibility. Please note that a good command of the Swedish language is an entrance requirement for most undergraduate courses and study programmes.

Since students interested in applying to postgraduate studies at Stockholm University are advised to attend advanced courses at the undergraduate level, the issue of command of the Swedish language must be considered at an early stage.

Stockholm University does not offer courses in Swedish as a foreign language at a beginner level.

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