Jönköping International Business School (JIBS)

 Becoming a Doctoral Student

Are you interested in an international career? Are you curious about how things work and loves to read and explore new things? Then maybe you should become an international researcher. But you have to start by graduating from a doctoral programme

A doctoral degree from JIBS will offer you a whole host of opportunities for the future, either in academic positions in international work environments, or in other positions where your research skill is demanded. As a doctoral student you can expect
  • attractive and demanding doctoral programmes,
  • competent and dedicated guidance from internationally experienced supervisors,
  • experience as a university teacher,
  • the opportunity to pursue a part of your education abroad, and
  • a regular evaluation of your performance, and a clear statement of our demands upon doctoral students.
The aim of the doctoral programmes is to provide the student with advanced knowledge within his/her field of research, skills to pursue independent research, and finally competence to contribute to the development of the scientific field. As a doctoral student at JIBS you are either employed as part of faculty or you are a self-financed doctoral student. For more information on this please go to financing.