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Degree Structure and the System of Study Degree Structure The current degree system took effect at the Finnish Universities on 1 August 2005 (information on the Degree Structure Reform). The extent of a degree is given in credits (in Finnish  opintopiste). Finnish credits are ECTS compatible, i.e. one Finnish credit corresponds to one ECTS credit.

* The minimum requirement for a lower university degree, Bachelor’s degree (=first cycle), is 180 credits.

* The extent of studies leading to a higher university degree, Master’s degree (=second cycle), is 120 credits (except for Master of Science in Psychology, the extent is 150 credits and for Licentiate of Medicine, 360 credits).

Postgraduate studies (=third cycle) in Finland, consist of two degrees: Licentiate’s and Doctor’s, the lower of these being Licentiate’s degree.

Doctor’s degree may be obtained without first taking the Licentiate. The requirements for the Doctor’s degree include the writing of an extensive doctoral dissertation and defending it in a public debate.

Postgraduate studies can be pursued only after completion of Master’s degree.

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