Lappeenranta University of Technology


Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) specializes in internationally high-level scientific research and doctoral education. LUT Graduate School incorporates doctoral programmes that cover all the university’s fields of science from internal to national and international doctoral programmes.

Doctoral Programme of the School of Business

The priority of the doctoral education programme at the School of Business is to qualify the student for the tasks of a researcher. The doctoral education also provides the skills for other demanding expert tasks.

In the School of Business, students can take the Licentiate of Science (Lic.Sc.(Econ.)), Doctor of Science (D.Sc.(Econ.)), and Doctor of Science (PhD) postgraduate degrees.

The topics of the dissertation for the doctorate students are related to the key areas in the interface of the research at the School of Business and the whole university. As is also the case in other research at the School of Business, a grasp of research that exceeds the traditional subject boundaries is favoured in the dissertation work.

Quantitative methods are characteristic to the dissertation theses created in the Doctoral Programme of the School of Business. In the research, the theoretical framework of modern strategy research is applied, in particular, to the analysis of companies’ strategic decisions and sources of competitive advantage.

Students are selected for the doctoral programme via an application process.  The aim is to select students who, as well as being able, motivated and committed to graduate studies and research, are  also well suited for a research career and for other expert tasks.

Those selected will be expected to have research skills, which will be verified for example on the basis of the completion of a selection of courses before being approved as graduate students.

For the time being, the following research fields for graduate studies have been defined:

  • Purchasing management
  • Management and organizations
  • International marketing
  • Business accounting
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and management of SMEs
  • Strategy research

Those entering into the doctoral programme are usually recruited to become a part of a research group, which are formed of professors, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students. In these groups, the practices of scientific work open up to the junior researcher to their whole extent.

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