Åbo Akademi University

 Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

The basis for scientific postgraduate education is generally a second cycle university degree or equivalent (usually a Master’s degree). With questions in regards to admission to postgraduate/doctoral studies it is best to contact the relevant faculty. Postgraduate/doctoral students must have a study plan that must be approved by the faculty board.

Every postgraduate student also has to have a supervisor appointed by the faculty. Postgraduate students can become members of the trade union for researchers, Forskarföreningen vid Åbo Akademi . For more information in Swedish see their homepage. Within many fields there are also Graduate Schools with positions for researchers (employed researchers), sometimes also scholarships, and which offer joint courses for research students within their field.There are graduate schools both within and outside Åbo Akademi University.

Enheten för forskningsservice- och finansiering (Research services) offers among other things information to researchers about financing research. There are several different options for financing research depending on the field of study and other factors, for more information please see the Stipendieguiden (in Swedish).

As a postgraduate student you may join the Student Union and benefit from some of the membership benefits that the Student Union offers. As a Student Union member you may also live in the apartments of the Student Village Foundation.

The Student Union membership fee for doctoral students is lower then the regular membership fee, 64 euros in the academic year 2010-2011.

Those who are employed or students at Åbo Akademi University are insured against accidents at work. The personnel are in addition entitled to retirement annuity.

Those postgraduate students with a research grant of more then five months can take a private pension insurance.

Please contact the financial manager (Ekonomichef) at Åbo Akademi University for more information on the conditions for this insurance.