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Contemporary strands of institutional theory and its application to management research

7.5 ECTS 

led by NORD University, Bodø, Norway 

Course contents: An increasing number of research communities in social science acknowledge the need for interdisciplinary approach in conventional studies. In such conditions, the understanding the ‘theoretical lenses’ repertoire and its potential to extend previous knowledge becomes crucial under the quest for contribution to the literature. The overall aim of this course is to learn and reflect upon the contemporary streams of institutional theory and their application to management research. Specifically, the course ambition is to equip PhD students with ideas of institutional logics, institutional entrepreneurship and institutional work and understanding its connection to their own research projects. These streams of institutional theory become increasingly valuable in management research but at the same time challenging to use under theoretical pluralism agenda. In this regard, the opportunities and challenges of these streams will be examined during the course. In a long-term perspective, the course seeks to contribute to the development of PhD students’ analytical skills, and therefore facilitate the number of individual and joint international publications by researchers from Nordic countries.

Time of course: Fall 2018

For further information please contact  Professor, Dr. Anatoli Bourmistrov,